Opening Luc Delahaye’s book of photographs we start as we mean to go on, with a scavenger looking across a landfill site in the snow, a sack. Luc Delahaye made his name as a photojournalist and war photographer. The result was a pocket book, Winterreise, the title a reference to. Inside my backpack, I had two books: Raymond Depardon’s Voyages, and Luc Delahaye’s Winterreise. Every day, I would thumb through these.

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How did your experience there influence your later work? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A partial bibliography of Delahaye’s works include: Lenin would doubtless be shocked to see such disparities still present. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.


The zenith of this development is presented in a new collection of 13 vast, 1. I hope it allows “more of everything” to surface.

Return to Book Page. Joseph added it May 15, Dealhaye took up an entire wall of the museum, the print measuring 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. The image at the very least made you wonder what the photographer was up to; what more was to be discovered in the photograph.

As a war photographer, he has documented many conflicts around the world.

de,ahaye The houses must be damp considering the peeling paintwork, condensation, and bits of clothing filling holes in the walls. Why did you choose to work in the panoramic format with your “History” project, and what cameras do you use for this style of work? It’s just my work. Want ainterreise Read Currently Reading Read.


This is what Delahaye did. Some plunge in and push the technology further; others, winterreide the painters of old, are looking critically at their craft. It helped me a lot to define what I wanted to do in photography, to define an attitude.

There was a long silence. He cooked lunch for me – smoked salmon, spaghetti, terrific cheeses, wine, of course – and we discussed at leisure his attitudes, his experiments and his claims for his work.

The big picture

delahayee The images he shot along his journey, taken in the only available light of low-wattage electric bulbs, are raw, garish, red smears of human destitution, the tawdry furnishings a physical extension of the debauched bodies. Kuc chose this format wintsrreise because I like its generous proportions. Delahaye said that this exercise “restored his faith in photography” and led him the following year to go on a winter journey, travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok, during which he spent months in the hovels of Russia’s underclass – the ill, the addicted, the petty criminals, those abandoned luf the economic collapse of the s.

The juxtaposition of man and rubbish brings together immediately the themes of poverty and despoliation. He now works on documentary photography in the fields of news and history. It seems reasonable to assume that drink was involved. Inside the houses nothing is new, everything is used until it falls apart, or even beyond.


A wiry man of 41, a thoughtful and precise talker, Delahaye is often loosely described as being of peasant stock. Has this way of showing your work been successful for you? Kate Krimsky marked it as to-read Apr 18, Luc Delahaye recently resigned from Magnum.

Winterreise by Luc Delahaye

Now he had another surprise. A woman wearing only knickers and peculiar little cuffs on her elbows, unkempt hair over her face, arms above her head in an unsuccessful display of sexiness but showing her hairy armpits, has been photographed in some wintergeise of club. War was one of them. The work is presented under the title History.

Cold seeps from the pages. I don’t think I had subjects in the past. I was also working, at first almost unconsciously, then with a method, on the medium itself and its possibilities and limits. Richard rated it it was amazing Nov 13,