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IEC +A+A(E). Edition consolidated with amendments and This English-language version is derived from the. This standard applies to all high-voltage switchgear and controlgear except as otherwise specified in the relevant IEC standards for the particular type of. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Class 1 and 2 contacts are intended to be subjected to full substation auxiliary supply shortcircuit current. Point 12 Classes of insulating materials are those given in IEC Thermal electrical relays for motor protection shall comply with the requirements of IEC Annexes D to H are for information only. The iev of the main circuit before disconnection shall be taken as the lowest voltage of the system associated with the rated voltage of the switching device see IEC for the relation between “highest voltage for equipment” and system voltages.

Components in enclosures should be so arranged as to be accessible for mounting, wiring, maintenance and replacement. A vertical line in the margin shows where the base publication has been modified by amendment 1, amendment 2 and the corrigenda.

NOTE The rationale behind the specification of four test irc is 6694 give increased confidence to users that the switchgear and controlgear tested is representative of that which will be delivered in the limit, this would require all tests to be carried out on a single idcwhilst allowing manufacturers to carry out testing at separate laboratories for different groups of tests.

Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 and IEC 60694. Part I and II

The case, tank, frame and other normally earthed parts shall be connected to earth. Definitions, principles and rules IEC It bears the edition number 2. Values of columns 356 and 8 are applicable for type tests only. The impulse voltage withstand tests shall be performed in accordance with IEC Consideration should be given to the assembly of components and the relative arrangement of those that may dissipate excessive heat by providing around them sufficient space.

When the manufacturer states that supplementary insulation such as tape or barriers is required to be used in service, such supplementary insulation shall also be used during the tests. Point 3 Point 4 Point 6 The quality of the coated contacts shall be such that a continuous layer of coating material remains in the contact area: Auxiliary and control contacts shall be suitable for the number of electrical and mechanical operating cycles specified for the switching device.


Requirements for any contacts of manual control switches that are made available to the user are contained in 5. When, however, the characteristics of the test plant are such that the peak and r.

The diameter of the clamping screw or bolt shall be at least 12 mm. Testing and measurement techniques — Ripple on d. Barriers, shapes of openings or any other means — whether attached to the enclosure or formed by the enclosed equipment suitable to prevent or limit the penetration of the specified test probes are considered as a part of the enclosure, except when they can be removed without the use of a key or tool.

When the alternative method is used to test the isolating distance of metal-enclosed gasinsulated switching device with a rated voltage of less than 72,5 kV and of conventional switching device of any rated voltage, the voltage to earth of the frame U f need not be fixed so accurately and the frame may even be insulated.

When the distance between the poles of switchgear and controlgear is not inherently fixed by the design, the distance between the poles for the test shall be the minimum value stated by the manufacturer. In this case, the test voltage across the open switching device or isolating distance shall be applied according to the following table This results in an increased contact resistance or even no conduction at very low voltage while no problems are observed at higher voltage.

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Terminal blocks for wiring components inside the enclosure shall be chosen according to the cross-section of the conductors used. The magnitude of induced voltages in a secondary system depends both on the secondary system itself and on conditions such as the earthing and rated voltage of the main circuit.

For switchgear and controlgear having a minimum functional pressure not higher than 0,2 MPa absolute pressuresuch means should be subject to agreement between manufacturer and user.

The IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. In addition, phase-to-phase switching impulse voltage tests shall be performed as stated below. Point 8 Point 9 Point 10 Special consideration should be given when low flash-point oil is used in regard to vaporization and oxidation.

Other actuators should be located at such a height that they can be easily operated, and indicating devices should be located at such ic height that they can be easily readable. Interchangeable subassemblies may be placed in different position within the secondary system or replaced by other similar subassemblies.


Appliance couplers primarily intended for industrial use, either indoors or outdoors, shall comply with the requirements of IEC lec IEC iiec The electrical power of the shunt releases shall be stated by the manufacturer.

All components used in the auxiliary and control circuits shall be designed or selected to be operational with their rated characteristics over the whole actual service conditions inside auxiliary and control circuits enclosures that can differ from the external service conditions specified in clause 2. For these conditions, condensation may occasionally occur.

The tests shall be performed in dry conditions and also in wet conditions for outdoor switchgear and controlgear. This test is intended to verify the contact performance under these low-voltage conditions. The test current I t shall in principle be applied for a time t t equal to 6069 rated duration t k of short circuit.

Refer to instrument transformer standards for adequate performances of these devices. However, a component may, when faulty or in an overload condition resulting from an external fault, generate excess heat such that fire may be initiated. NOTE 7 Breaking current at a defined voltage value between V and V may be deduced from the indicated power value for class 1 and class 2 contacts for example 2 A at V d.

Information relating to this publication, including its validity, is available in the IEC Catalogue of publications see below in addition to new editions, amendments and corrigenda. NOTE Experience shows that an increase of the main circuit resistance cannot alone be considered as reliable evidence of bad contacts or connections. Contactors and motorstarters — Section One: The type and sizes of the temporary connections shall be recorded in the test report. For circuits energized only during switching operations, the tests shall be made under the following conditions: The supply system should preferably be referenced to earth i.

They are related to different cases of application. Therefore, a minimum value of current may be required for class 1 contact. Auxiliary switches, which are operated in conjunction with the main contacts, shall be positively driven in both directions.

The distance between the terminals and the nearest supports of the conductors on both sides of the switchgear and controlgear shall be in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Please contact the Customer Service Centre see below for further information.

Where appropriate, identification of wiring according to IEC may be applied. Reference number IEC