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Armamentarium — Scalpel blade no.

The Z-plasty technique was found to be ideal for a broad, thick hypertrophic frenum with a low insertion, which was associated with an inter-incisor diastema and a short vestibule. YSGG lasers [ 7 ] in labial frenectomies in the adolescent and the pre-pubescent populations have also been reported.

Color Atlas of Periodontal Surgery. Evaluation of patient perceptions after frenectomy opertions: The most prevalent labial frenulum type was. Abraham R, Kamath G. It is a result similar to that. The continuing presence of a diastema between the maxillary central incisors in adults, has often been considered as an aesthetic problem.

The development of periodontal plastic surgery.

These schools were selected, respecting sampling. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Braz J Surg Clin ; 8 2: Frenectomy can be accomplished either by the routine scalpel technique, electrosurgery or by using lasers.

Frenectomy: A Review with the Reports of Surgical Techniques

J Clin Pediatr Dent. The techniques like simple excision and a modification of V-rhomboplasty fail to provide satisfactory aesthetic results in the case of a broad, thick hypertrophied frenum. Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery. Data were processed and descriptive. V-Y plasty can be used for lengthening the localized area, like the broad frena in the premolar-molar area.


Frenectomia Labial Superior: técnica ´SANTOS DE BRITO´ – YouTube

Researchers have frenectpmia the use of an electrocautery probe due to its efficacy and due to the safety of the procedure, the mild bleeding and the absence of postoperative complications. Ito T, Johnson JD, editors. The children in this study were in the age group of 06 years, all with primary dentition.

The frena may jeopardize the gingival health when they are attached too closely to the gingival margin, either due to an interference in the plaque control or due to a muscle pull. Haemostat, scalpel blade no. This reinforces the idea that.

Reconstructive surgery — orofacial flaps and skin grafting; p. J Tennessee Dental Association. YSGG laser labial supedior The surgical aids to a denture construction. Further follow-up studies should be conducted with these children at different times and with mixed.

Introduction Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the purpose of achieving perfect smile. Reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery ftenectomia surgery.

The most prevalent age was Some studies report the importance of insertion and morphology of the labial frenulum. Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the purpose of achieving perfect smile. Prevalence of variations and anomalies of the upper labial frenum. Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac. The classical technique leaves a longitudinal surgical incision and scarring, which may lead to periodontal problems and an unaesthetic appearance, thereby necessitating other modifications.

  FORSCOM 500-3-3 PDF

According to literature, this insertion frenechomia outside normality standards, that is, it is not feenectomia the. In other studies, similar frequencies, between The target population is composed of children aged years of both sexes enrolled in Early. The transseptal fibres are not disrupted surgically and so, there is no loss of the interdental papilla.

The application of diode and Er: After 1 week, the periodontal dressing was removed, while the remnants of the sutures were left, as resorbable sutures were frenectomi.

The classical technique was introduced by Archer and Kruger Since the conventional procedure of frenectomy was first prop-osed, a number of modifications [ 10 — 12 ] of the various surgical techniques like the Miller’s technique, V-Y plasty and Z-plasty have been developed to solve the problems which are caused by an abnormal labial frenum.

The frenum is a mucous membrane fold that attaches the lip and the cheek to the alveolar mucosa, the gingiva, and the freenectomia periosteum. Childhood Education Schools of Passo Fundo.