Do you also find the manufactures manual confusing? Use this quick-start guide! It’s easier than going through their website Help, I can not find my user manual for my older FlyCamOne camera. If anyone has the pdf I’d like to get a copy. (Why didn’t they put the user. Does anyone know of a good (perhaps second party) manual or instructions for the ACME FlyCamOne-2 video unit? The one that comes with.

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Right most you will find the tripartite battery flycamine. Click to enlarge Model: Different to that for the flycamone2. I think, maybe you could try to look up some videos on Youtube and or Vimeo and find some videos made with the Flycamone2. This is illustrated quite well in the video I took of Portland Lighthouse below. The charging process is indicated by the LED and is finished after about 2 hours. Your mamual is vital to ensure the success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment.

Page 9 Now you can use the camera – note that you need flycamne microphone for audio transmission. While charging the light is red and turns green as soon as it is fully charged.

Check connection between camera and battery. Once space at the card is needed, it will automatically erase the oldest files. What’s more, a removable control horn is supplied so that it is possible to alter the camera view whilst airborne! Use an external power source for time- lapse recordings!

Different colors of frame sets will make your FlyCamOne a unique camera. Anyone have any thoughts on what the problem might be.


Do not switch off or take out the battery before the recording has been stopped or as long there is access to the memory, indicated flycmone a rotating circle. Batteries of other suppliers may have different polarities and cause damages!

ACME FlyCamOne Manuals

The CarcamOne is recording 15 minutes videos. Different type of mount The line-Up of the FlyCamOne contains different type of fixing systems The tripod adaptor fixes the camera to every standard tripod. That was couple months ago. Furthermore ACME will not guarantee the content in case the recording or saving is not working properly. At take off the side panels. When stopping the engine, also the camera will close the file and shut down.

Press those for 3 seconds to get the second command. Charging is possible by USB. Confirm the selected interval with the “Start” button or leave the menu pressing the left button.

Find More Posts by quailbird. It is known that forged accumulators which remarkably look f,ycamone the original product are offered for the sale again and again. Page 10 Video recording When switching on the camera you can start recording immediately pressing the “Start” button. There are no related products for this product.

It tends to have a green tinge when the auto-exposure does not recover completely. Bind the camera and LinX by pressing both head control buttons on the camera first and then by pressing the same buttons on the sender. The focus of the tiny lens is much better than version one, and the video is noticeably sharper. I also want to try gyro stabilisation, although there may be a problem there with accumulated error without any reference.


May 14,flycxmone There’s even a mode to flip the video degrees so vlycamone can mount the camera up-side down.

ACME FlyCamOne HD 720p Manuals

The red spot shows the activated recording. Unable to switch ON the camera Flycamonr is not plugged correctly. FlyCamOne eco V2 Do you ever wonder what your autonomous robots do all day?

Another welcome change is that the controls are on the side, and easily accessible when the camera is mounted on its custom mount. Display icons Top left you can see the selected mode. Switch off the microphone if you only want to watch the video without any sound.

Page 12 Exchange the frame set Individualizise your Cam! If you’ve any mannual then use the forum link below where we can chat all things FlyCamOne. The camera is supplied with a sturdy clip-on mount, which can be velcroed to your aircraft, a safety cord is also provided in case the Velcro lets go! Do not remove the micro SD Card while recording or saving.

Different mounts allow fixing it individual.

FlyCamOne eco V2 | SEN |

The opened camera head and connectors can be damaged easily. The spy stuff which I wont go into presumably is something to do with security and is activated from the front of the camera. May 15, FlyCamOne V1 also has a problem with white balance that has been commented on from time to time in forums such as this.