Pour holy water on any of them.”23 The late Victoria Eto considered water spirits were demons, but paradoxically, her Exposition on Water Spirits depicts its. Title: Exposition on water spirits; Author: Eto, Victoria; Formats: Editions: 3; Total Holdings: 5 Exposition on water spiritsby Eto, Victoria, eng, 3, , GR He became part of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the globe. Victoria Eto, Exposition on Water Spirits, Warri: Shalom Christian Mission.

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Satan, in this meeting, gave us the following instructions: As a result, these girls were killed for their failure.

Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive | Jennifer LeClaire’s School of the Spirit

Again, He took me to another room and when He opened a curtain I saw all that I was going to encounter on my journey to Onitsha and Lagos and how He would finally deliver me.

I am sure the alarm in the sea alerted them of the trouble and with the T.

He brought out his Bible and started preaching. I stayed calmly with this kind family for two days and then the man and his wife drove me to the Owerri motor park, where I took a taxi to Onitsha. An empty jug was given to each person, then a man without a head went round pouring the blood and flesh into the jugs.

If you know you cannot follow-up your converts, please do not go out for kn. I also saw different designs expositionn electronics, computers and alarms. Be reconciled to God.

He asked me to kneel down for prayers. The next place I saw myself was in a big conference dto in Delhi, India, with a large congregation already seated and waiting to welcome us. Some get infested with vidtoria spirits by reason of artifacts they buy and decorate their homes with or dedicated clothes and jewelry they adorn their bodies with; pictures and or paintings of mermaid the head of a woman with the tail of a fish these constitute an altar of water spirits and do contaminate.


Two years after the death of both parents my eldest sister, Love, disappeared mysteriously and Margaret, the second daughter of my parents, went mental. The moment they see you have a sober reflection because of the preaching, they would wait on you outside the church and as soon as you come out, one of them would greet you and even present you a gift and it’s always what you love and would appear very sspirits.


He was very zealous and started distributing Gospel tracts inside taxi. I should go to my village and kill my uncle, a prominent powerful native doctor who was responsible, according to her, for the ecposition of my parents. Soirits have been called out from darkness into God’s own marvelous light. Life came back to normal again. What I saw inside this hall is difficult to explain, but I will try to explain as much as I can.


My Escape to “New Life” ” Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it ” Proverbs I accepted this invitation because attending church services to cause slumber and confusion spkrits part of our assignments.

Mariners pour libation into the sea as a covenant with water spirits to ensure safe voyages at sea and fishermen do same to ensure a good harvest of fish. Inside the church they would be chewing gum or make a child cry or do anything that would distract the people from hearing the word of God. If Christians would realize and use the power and authority God has given them, they would control the affairs of their nation!


At his overthrow, the host of heaven declared in a loud voice. This is very important.

The heat that came out of my body was so high that the other passengers felt it. Causing the veil of darkness over cities and nations to be lifted and destroyed Is. The work of the deliverance minister can be a difficult undertaking. Exorcism can be used for inanimate objects.

These will be explained one after the other: We shall see the travail of our souls over Ibadan city and we shall be satisfied. Anybody possessed with this flying demon watrr always very wicked and dangerous. Meditate on the following scriptures: To serve for themselves protection from affliction, danger and death. I went back later and was asked to pay N40, but on checking the goods I discovered that all the valuable goods, bundles of laces, injections, drugs, etc.

I then spoke these words: I will contend with him who contends. How did Eeto get the little child she slaughtered, you may ask.

Sometimes the member would be advised to bring a goat etc.