Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. ‘Breaking Open the Head’. By DANIEL PINCHBECK NOV. . Or I was like the character of “Daniel Pinchbeck,” trapped in a half-finished novel. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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Published inBreaking Open the Head covers, in Pinchbeck’s words, the cultural history of psychedelic use, philosophical and critical perspectives on shamanismand his personal transformation from a cynical Rbeaking York litterateur to psychedelic acolyte. It is the record of a subjective, incomplete, occasionally harrowing, often alien- ating, yet exhilarating and fun process of discovery and transformation.

BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

I told him I was from New York. A plant from equatorial Africa the archaic birthplace of humanity that cured addiction the modern scourge of African Americans in the inner cities of the United States by sending addicts on a long psychedelic trip a voyage into an archaic spiritual di- mension whose existence is dismissed by modern “rationality”.

A first chapter on a particular substance will be historical, anthropologic This is an excellent book about altered consciousness. She had just gone through her Bwiti initiation, Papa Simone told us.

Air France gave me 1, francs in consolation and stashed me in an airport hotel for two nights, before the next departure to Libreville, on Air Gabon. A Natural History of Breakjng Meals.

As one of the tribal elders, he ate iboga throughout the ceremony. I’ve always had a fascination with altered consciousness, particularly with a more spiritual slant to it, as though the hallucinations represent a different world altogether.

My great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my two heqd could not for- give him. Recendy I have heard credible reports of psilocybin enthusiasts, neopagan nature cultists, who travel across the world spreading ppinchbeck spores around forests and public parks, where they enter the local ecosystem.

When we read an article about the Uwa Indians — a tribe in Colombia threatening to commit mass suicide if the oil companies drill on their land — we may feel pro- found sympathy.


Customers who bought this item also bought. I had left messages for him at home, but assumed he was staying out in the country — he had recently purchased a tiny cabin in upstate New York. I wondered if what my guide said was true, that in Bwiti, like Buddhism, there is no ultimate deity, just an endless play of forms, vast hierophanies of spirits, spinning like pinwheels across the Eternal Void.

And yet it cannot be said that our culture frowns on the use of consciousness-changing substances. By the end of the book Pinchbeck appears to have lost all rational inquiry as he comes to believe he is a modern day shaman.

There was a strain of self-aware humor in the melodies. She is stopping you from seeing visions, from visiting the other world. His fellow psychonauts could only describe it as “thermonu- clear contact with the Divine.

This is much more than a cultural history of psychedelics.

Full text of “Daniel Pinchbeck BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD”

Perhaps thhe have a message for you, some information. The kind of book that leads you to a fantasmical realm as you hold hands with reality. We suddenly emerge into ourselves, arriving in our beds from the evanescent dream dimensions. There is no means for science, as it is presently consti- tuted, to ask, let alone seek, an answer to the question, Why am I here now?

Like shamans around the world, the seeress and her followers used plant potions to achieve ecstatic states: This might help account for the otherwise irrational hatred and repression of the use of hallucinogens, and the smirking dismissal of the psychedelic experience as a trivial one by so many of our intel- lectuals. It is difficult for those of us, like myself, who grew up rootless in modern cities or suburbs to fully comprehend this sense of the sacred- ths, the supernatural power, of a land that has been inhabited by the same people over innumerable generations.


The trauma of his suicide and the vengeful act of annihilation that followed shaped my grandmother’s psyche into a forceful mechanism of repression. It was keeping me from my own self-development.

Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey Into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

It is still possible to buy white dresses and blouses hrad with mushrooms in Huautla’s sleepy local shops, as well as posters of Sabina. It is not a clearly understood mechanism, but ibogaine seems to dramatically increase the potency of all drugs in the blood- stream.

The King began to shout again. This mechanical gesture would help to steady me throughout the visions. She had seen too many friends destroyed by bohemian excesses, ruined by alcohol or speed.

A long time passed, and nothing happened. I was left with an impression of contact with some other intelligence or entity existing in a realm outside of our own. The traditional shaman is healer, gardener, storyteller, forecaster, and initiator into the spirit realms. We rise up and flourish, or become stunted, involuted, as we react to the breakinf that press against us.

Review: Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck | Books | The Guardian

Later I made the mistake of writing about psychedelics at Wes- leyan. This required another long and tense negotiation. Meanwhile, I was fighting against pulses that gathered into waves of nausea. I wanted inspiration of my own, inner knowledge. At night, at the theme camps, social constellations would suddenly form for a few hours and then disperse into randomness. The ceremony bor- rowed elements from the Catholic mass. He smeared a rough red paste across my face and torso.

Syrian Rue has an ancient history of ritual use in the Near East. One inspiration is Walter Benjamin, the German Jewish thinker who experimented with hashish and mescaline in the s.