Crazy Hot (Steele Street) [Tara Janzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Only the most dire emergency could send paleontologist Regan . Crazy Hot (Steele Street, book 1) by Tara Janzen – book cover, description, publication history. Crazy Hot. Steele Street, Book 1. ISBN: September But throw in a deadly terrorist and some hot dinosaur bones, and a man could get.

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As soon as they hit Colorado with a barely alive JT, Hawkins and Hart are assigned as a security detail for a society event. Sure, it was haphazard, messy, sometimes unfocused, but it was entertaining all the same.

Smith Rydell during a trip to El Salvador.

Crazy Cool

Now, as the bullets start flying, the sexy, self-appointed bodyguard is back in her life in a major way. It’s more introspection and narration than action or dialogue, which is strange for the genre. Jul 26, Alex rated it it was ok. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Once I started reading, I did not want to put it down for any reason: Breaking Loose Steele Street, 10 4. This is different than anything I’ve ever read.

Crazy Sweet

The murder mystery was pretty straight forward, even if not entirely predictable. He was totally gone on her and it was so sweet that he used janzzen be so nervous around her. The evening ended with Kat running down an alley from a group of boys she though were her friends. XT7 totally scrambled Gillian’s brains and body functions.

Kid was def my favorite of this series, not his story necessarily,and he just barely won over Superman. She’s very damaged Now she’s a stone-cold killer He cares, blames himself Least fave of series Sorry for her, but don’t like Still tons of action.


Yes, I’ll keep reading the series. I was revisiting my old Steele Street friends, and in that respect, I’d say I was satisfied. By far my least favorite of this series so far.

Fiction Book Review: Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen, Author . Dell $ (p) ISBN

There is a lot of build up about her horrible past behaviour in the first two thirds of the book, but Katya and Christian never confront her about it. Because rebels started bombing the town, Smith and Honey spent many long hours entertaining readers with their antics and dialogue. One of them, Quinn Younger, a former air force hero, is lying low after being injured in an assignment gone wrong.

I jnzen it was because the author did such a great job establishing the past feelings they had for each other, janzeb on Quinn’s part.

Crazy Love Steele Street, 5 4. When Gillian was introduced in Crazy Loveshe was clueless. So Regan heads out to find him. Janzwn loving this series sooooooooooo much.

Hof two years, Hawkins, Kid, Creed and Travis trained Red Dog for her new life as a contract mercenary, a hired assassin. I just can’t wait to read about them in the next book. I definitely didn’t feel connected to Travis and Gillian. The story of Nikki and Kid is continued in the fourth book of the series. We first meet Quinn as he is hiding out in the ghost town of Cisco. Crazy Hot is the Burn Notice of romance novels, basically.

We meet more of C. Never have I read an author who went that far into it, and I loved it! I find myself getting mad jjanzen Gillian and Travis’ story interrupting Smith’s and Honey’s, even though this is suppose to be Gillians and Travis’s.


In one of the reviews I read that the events and all action is going during very short time during days. Instead we are to believe that she is hell bent on revenge against Tony Royce, the former CIA agent who was responsible for her situation, and is going to get revenge even at the cost of the lives of the people at Steel Street.

I’ve read several of the Steele Street books and liked them for their fast pace, their gritty depiction of heroes who operate just this side of the law performing secret missions for the government while driving souped-up classic cars, and their hot, sexy romance between the leads. Camaro’s are WAY cooler! There just seemed to be a constant feeling of darkness as Red Dog planned her betrayal of Angel. As his luck would have it, it’s the same bad guys he’s hiding from.

Recommended to Shawna by: Regan McKinneyQuinn Younger. However It was a quick and easy read. For me, the slip-ups are too much to move this book from two stars to three. So that’s a 3. While the two track down Regan’s grandfather, whose disappearance seems connected to a sadistic arms dealer, they enjoy sexual interludes on top of a car, in an elevator and in a warehouse just steps from the bad guys.

Other books in the series. Throughout the book, you’re right there in the middle of it all, and I couldn’t ask for better!

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