Manuals and User Guides for Celestron NexStar SLT. We have 1 Celestron NexStar SLT manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. View and Download Celestron NexStar SLT quick setup manual online. Celestron NexStar SLT: Quick Setup. NexStar SLT Telescope pdf manual . SkyQ Link WiFi Module Version 2 Manual – Celestron provides this sheet for download for both modules. CPC and CPC NexStar SLT Series. NexStar+ Hand.

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On the next clear night I tried to assess the quality of the eyepieces.

We will see how the telescope performed in practice below. With this information, the telescope can create a model of the To give a mm focal length in a short tube, a lens is incorporated onto the mm design.

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Quick Setup Manual

I particularly like the fact that it allows you to select the objects. Do so without moving its position. Lets have a look at the innovative method that this telescope can use for alignment. There were also to CDs with software. The new SkyAlign alignment procedure has never failed to give manuap successful alignment first time and has always thereafter brought the chosen objects into the field of view of the 26mm eyepiece.

Celestron NexStar SLT Manuals

It thus knows all that is needed to compute the azimuth and altitudes of other objects in its catalogue. There is a socket to provide an external 12 volts from a mains adapter, car lighter socket or external battery These are all additional accessories. For this purpose they are vastly better than the cheap 6 x 30 which in practice are sometimes stopped down to nearer 10 straight through finders.

Celestron Communication Protocol Manual 8 pages. The computer will tell you to align on a specific star. For example, as an object passes transit, the altitude of the object does not change significantly. Though the scope comes with two 1. I believe this and the other telescopes in the Nextstar range will be able to painlessly introduce many newcomers to the night sky. Step by step instructions are included in the following Hand Control Setup section.


When I aligned on it I realised it was the planet Saturn! It seemed in several ways to be a real improvement on the mm Newtonians that I have seen. This is far, far better than the thick metal vanes that I have seen on several mm Newtonians and less image degradation will result as a consequence. This reduces the time for its calculations to determine which objects have been selected by the observer as it can eliminate many possibilities.

Down and clockwise it slewed. One can simply choose the objects that one can see at the time provided they are reasonably far apart in the sky. The computer has made 6 measurements 3 azimuteh and 3 Altitude so it is then able to solve for the position of true north and the two numbers which define he tilt of the mount away from the horizontal. Before you can begin using your NexStar SLT, you must setup your computerized hand control and go through the SkyAlign alignment procedure.

M36, 37 and CapellaSirius and Saturn. Here is a work-around that will give the scope an approximate tracking rate if you have a reasonable knowledge of the sky.

The computer automatically reduces the slewing speed at this point. The manual states that objects are included. I switched on the telescope and the controller asked me to choose a country and then a city United Kingdom and Manchester.

It then asked me the date and time which I entered using the numeric keypad. My final move was back to Capella to do a little star testing — comparing the intra and extra-focal images.

Budget eyepieces will usually give a good image in the central part of the field of view but optical aberrations become apparent towards the edge of the field. Move the telescope to a point in roughly the correct direction and align it as if you could see the star.


One that should be easily visible is NGCa nice 9 th magnitude galaxy in Leo. More obviously it does allow the tube, if pushed sideways, to move significantly more than if sslt dual fork were used. Don’t show me this message again. All three legs should be the same length to. It is meant to be a little further to that side, but not as much maunal I observed. This obviously limits the weight that can be supported – to around 5kg.

The tube can be moved in altitude relatively easily, but the clutch seems much tighter in azimuth and Celeetron have only ever moved it under motor control. Don’t have an account? Why bother to observe when much of the sky is cloud covered? Apart from a few very minor caveats, this scope performed better that I ever expected. So the first accessory that a purchaser should buy is a x2 Barlow. As I hope I have made clear, the optics are of such good performance that it will virtually always be the atmosphere that limits the image quality.

The Messier Catalogue of just over objects. The telescope will then slew to a second star and ask you to centre and align it. Celedtron of these will be rather faint for this sized telescope. The second was a piece of nexstra that would allow you to control the telescope from a laptop or computer given a suitable connecting cable which can be bought as an accessory.