The Pale Horseman (Extract). I love the sea. I grew up beside it, though in my memories the seas off Bebbanburg are grey, usually sullen, and rarely sunlit. Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this rousing sequel to the bestselling The Last Kingdom. It’s A.D. , and the. Buy The Pale Horseman (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 2) by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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It is set in 9th Century Wessex and Cornwall. His enemies in battle, no matter what th Yet again, Cornwell has cracked it! First, he is not a native of Wessex and is thus suspect, even though he has marital and familial ties in the kingdom. Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this rousing sequel to the bestselling The Last Kingdom. Uhtred, his main character, is a Saxon, raised by the Danes, who later is fighting with and against the Danes, depending on the circumstances.

Speaking of characters, though, there was one person in this book who cheered me up whenever he appeared on the scene and that was the British priest Pyrlig, who offered a much needed dose of light relief. You can read these books one after another without feeling like you’re spending too much of your time retracing the previous book. Skeptical of a treaty between the Vikings and Wessex, Uhtred takes his talent for mayhem to Cornwall, gaining treasure and a mysterious woman on the way.

I also imagine that when some women read about “guts spooling about his feet” they cringe and run away. We followed the two small ships.

It is probably very true to history. General Discussion No Spoilers 13 19 Jan 12, Pwle could rain rocks down from those heights and the Fyrdraca would be crushed like an egg. However, Cornwell has stated that it will not be about Thomas of Hookton from The Grail Quest or any of his relatives.


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He had been the big man with the sword, and his name had been Ivar and he had held land at Dyflin, wherever that was, and Freyja began to weep again when she looked at my new helmet which had belonged to her father.

Well, whatever she did, it made me roar with laughter! His characters were likeable or despicable and you do care about them. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Pale Horsman- – A brilliant five stars 3. Ninth-century Britain and a master of storytelling – it is a marriage made in heaven. See 1 question about The Pale Horseman…. He revels in his fight.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These were Sharpe’s Eagle and Sharpe’s Goldboth published in I imagine quite horsmean lot does go over people’s heads.

The Pale Horseman (Extract) | Bernard Cornwell

This was a good, brutal read. Time and money well spent.

I had never seen a porpoise before, but suddenly there were a dozen of the creatures. We made a rough count as the Fyrdraca wallowed offshore and we could scarce believe our fortune.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, Lord of Northumbria is as headstrong, arrogant, and fearless as ever. I suppose that is part of growing up, and it is not always comfortable. Built civilisations and brought them down. Mar 19, Jessika rated it it was amazing Shelves: More By and About This Author. I’d love to read this, if there is a translation?

The crew horsekan turning the yard, lining it fore and aft so it could be stowed on its crutches while other men were binding the sail so it did not flap.


The Pale Horseman

Best of all we had become rich and that bfrnard was a consolation as night fell. He laughed at that. How far I continue with the series will depend on how much Uhtred grows as a character and whether the future books go beyond the formula we have at present, of the misunderstood hero overcoming the prejudice of those around him, culminating in a major battle in the final pages.

Unlike the first book, there’s less fighting and more political maneuvering and focus on relationships.

The Pale Horseman: Bernard Cornwell – The Idle Woman

About jostling for King’s favour and for wealth and fame. What can I say; I just adore mean old Uhtred, despite his flaws and his sometimes unethical behavior. Fazemos muita coisa nesta vida, se pudemos.

Maybe that is all I should have written in this review, it may have been, in it’s simplicity, ample comment as I move onto the review of the next book in the series A thorn in the side of the priests and nobles who shape his fate, this Saxon raised by Vikings is torn between the life he loves and those he has sworn to serve. Dawn was grey and the sea was white-streaked grey and the wind was cold, and there was no land in sight, but two white birds flew over us and I took them for a sign and rowed in the direction they had gone, and late that day, in a bitter sea and cold rain, we saw land and it was the Isle of Puffins again where we found shelter in the cove and made fires ashore.