Keep on the Shadowfell (Dungeons & Dragons, Adventure H1) [Bruce The town of Winterhaven stands watch over a ruined keep that was once a bastion of good in the realm. It includes three double-sided poster maps suitable for use with D&D .. The Maps and Adventure book was in good condition, but the case that. Keep on the Shadowfell is an exciting Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for characters of levels 1–3. It includes three double-sided poster maps. D&D Next: Keep on the Shadowfell Catacombs Map Dungeons And Dragons Adventures, Map Vault of the Dracolich Poster Map (Digital Tagged Version).

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H1 Keep on the Shadowfell 5. These shadowfrll awesome and I’ll probably use them at my next session H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth 2. Halls of Undermountain 3. Refer to Gamerprinter’s challenge submissions thread for this month for exact specifics on VTT elements.

H1 Keep on the Shadowfell 2. For these particular maps all you really need to do is drop the grid and tell us what your pixel scale is.

Eleven Foot Pole: Keep on the Shadowfell Maps

I adds a whole new experience to a face to face game when you bring a VTT in to the session. Reveal only the section of the map that shows the area outside the cave. E3 Prince of Undeath 2. It isn’t Bill’s fault that he was hanging out in the wrong place.


On February 7, at 6: H3 Pyramid of Shadows 2. This encounter and the following one use the Forest Cliff Lair jap map.

The Mad Mapper

Shift and Slide minor; at-will The kobold slink shifts 1 square. Keep on the Shadowfell battlemats. Can I ask about the coloured icons on the floor of the last one? Below you will find the external links to all the psd’s.

Kobold Lair Outside | Keep on the Shadowfell | Obsidian Portal

Edit 2 Goes with edit 2 above: Anyway, I kee a link to point at the thread more directly. The Book of Vile Darkness 1. We run once a fortnight so that’s nearly four months of play in each one.

The fullsize map is linked, and will print correctly at dpi. John – I printed them out with a 1 cm whitespace border on the right and bottom and as little whitespace on the top and left as I could. Notify me of new comments via email.

Kobold Lair Outside

Shifty minor; at-will The kobold shifts 1 square. JavaScript is currently disabled. Halls of Undermountain 4. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. But I wanted to try and make my own style and I wanted to try and learn to make dungeons maps in photoshop. Canageek Other Pages on my Blog: Although we specialize in maps of fictional realms, as commonly used in both novels and games both tabletop and role-playingmany Guild members are also proficient in historical and contemporary maps.

The spare whitespace on the bottom and right goes behind and provides some reinforcement so it doesn’t just all fall apart. Last edited by Dirk F. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I’m sure the good peeps over there would love to take advantage of this.


It pointed to http: The grid is 50 pixel.

If this creature is flushed out of its hiding place, it tries to move to a new location from which it can continue to attack while enjoying the benefit of cover or concealment. I’m ready to Ascend!

My players keep out! However its a touch too big to scan them. Seekers of the Ashen Crown 1. I do hope people will like the maps. Those are some shiny maps.

Sunday, August 2, Keep on the Shadowfell Maps. The effort payed off tthe me. E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls 2. So here we are today with Keep on the shadowfell Level 1, 2 and 3 done. The current link on Enworld is http: If so please let me know the price.

Post them with CC3 in the Subject Line! It will save me all the typing. And i dont mind if you tell and post about the maps. Really nice, not much else to say.